Semi-Brittle Corundum

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The semi-crunchy corundum is made of high-quality bauxite as raw material. On the basis of smelting of sub-white corundum, it is made by special smelting process and ratio. After being smelted at 2100 °C or higher in an electric arc furnace, it is made by special crushing process. Because its brittleness and toughness are between white corundum and brown corundum, it is called semi-crunchy corundum.



Semi-crisp corundum has good toughness and self-sharpening. May be in the ceramic abrasive, resin abrasive and coated abrasive manufacturing. The production of the consolidated mill has high durability, good self-sharpening and retentivity. In the same conditions, the processing of certain parts, the workpiece surface quality, processing efficiency and durability of abrasive are better than brown, white, chrome, single crystal corundum. Used for coarse grinding can improve the processing efficiency, for grinding can improve the surface quality of the workpiece.



Semi-crisp corundum produced by the consolidation of abrasive can be used to process ordinary industrial steel, bearing steel, all kinds of stainless steel, tool steel, Gr, W, Mo, Co low content of special alloy steel, some cast iron, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, Such as aluminum alloy containing Cu, Ni, Mg, S, Zn containing copper, Al, Zn magnesium alloy and the like. In addition to the processing of the above-mentioned metal materials, coated abrasives produced by Semi-crisp corundum are also suitable for processing synthetic materials, various plywood, laminates, veneer, hardwood, cork, lacquer, leather and the like.