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Spinel is a mineral consisting of magnesium oxide, because contain magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, and the number of elements, which can be classified into many types, such as aluminum spinel, spinel iron, zinc spinel, spinel, chrome spinel and so on. Two kinds of production processes of spinel sintering and capacitance method in china. The main raw material of magnesite and industrial alumina or bauxite. According to the indicators of Magnesium Oxide and alumina barrier, magnesium rich spinel and alumina rich spinel and application of different areas.

Features of the product:

1. According to the production process or method: sintered spinel and capacitor spinel.
 According to the production of raw materials can be divided into: Bauxite Based spinel and alumina spinel.
According to the content and performance of the division: magnesium rich spinel, aluminum rich spinel and active spinel.


The content of Al2O3 were 70% and 90% of the spinel clinker and Al2O3 spinel melt clinker, and also can be processed into different size particles, powder and powder. Its grain growth is good, the texture is dense, the structure is even, it is a kind of high-grade raw material of high strength and good thermal shock stability, such as spinel, magnesium and so on.
Fused magnesia alumina spinel has the advantages of high temperature resistant, body density, water absorption rate is low, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, good thermal stability, anti erosion ability. It is an ideal material for making the casting slide, the nozzle brick, the furnace brick for the ladle furnace, and the basic material for the large cement kiln, the transition zone of the medium sized cement kiln, the refractory casting material and the high school kiln. Widely used in iron and steel smelting, cement rotary kiln and glass industrial furnace.